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“We are a quality watchdog organization, specialized in an end-to-end QA/QC management of systems development projects. Recognized as the gatekeepers of quality assurance when it comes to information technology projects, we do what it takes to make sure that systems are well-tested for high-quality performance. We have repeatedly demonstrated excellent ROI to our customers by implementing an external QA and QC methodology in projects. With us, you can receive all the necessary information and testing metrics to take a GO-NO-GO decision.

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Your Challenges
Our Customized Solutions
Urgent product release On-call, certified testing professionals to start testing activities on a 24/7 basis
Incomplete and unorderly requirements Don’t worry! We can help. While we are building tests, we will create a requirement knowledge base.
Launching a new product with a tight budget We will create an in-depth estimation and distinct options to support your financial needs
No tools or infrastructure for comprehensive testing We will utilize a wide range of devices, OSS, testing tools, and environments to aid your situation.
Lack of expertise on the team We comprehensively help you with interviewing, hiring, and training your employees
Testing is expensive We thoroughly analyze your circumstance as we automate and improve your situation.

No two testing projects are the same. Thus, we work with our customers firsthand in order to customize our solutions based on their project testing needs. Beginning from a test plan design, development, execution and reporting, we automate tests based on the ROI. With high-end technical prowess, a bevy of operating systems and a range of the latest mobile devices, we are well equipped to test desktop-based, internet-based and mobile-based software applications.

Our software testing services include:-


Functional Testing services


Configuration Testing services


Web services Testing services


Acceptance Testing services


Integration Testing services


Load Testing services


Security Testing services


Automation Testing services


Mobile Testing services


Migration Testing services


Platform Testing services


Usability Testing services


Network Testing services


QA Process Design

We are well equipped with a high-end technical prowess, a bevy of operating systems and a range of the latest mobile devices that make us competent enough to test desktop-based, internet-based as well as mobile-based software applications.

We provide testing services on as needed basis.

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