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An Experienced Technology Boutique

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Edi Matrix has its presence and practices spread throughout the nation. Edi Matrix is one of the fastest growing leaders in the IT space as we actively work to ensure the success of our customers. With our notable expertise in the art of creating effective technology solutions, we stand as trusted partners to high profile organizations and emerging companies alike. Our unique ‘client-specific’ approach and in-depth experience aids clients from a broad range of industry verticals.

Committed for value adding relationships

our Vision

Your growth is our growth

Our vision is based on the philosophy that only mutual success is true success.

Instead of a typical vendor-customer relationship, we believe in partnerships and invest our resources in you. With that spirit, we envision ourselves as your partner in growth, not your vendor. We know that our synergy-fusioned solutions will earn us the partner status that we strive for.

We also provide vertically-focused, off-the-shelf products and resource augmentation of I.T. talent. With widespread infrastructure and bandwidth on our side, we manage and deliver to your specialized I.T. needs.

Why choose us

2019 MBE Certified

With over one hundred years of combined experience in developing, testing, and supporting technology projects, we believe in partnerships instead of ‘vendorships’. With our customer-centric philosophy, we practice what we preach to achieve mutual growth and unequivocal success.

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track record


customer centric philosophy


MBE Certification


proactive, ethical and transparent work culture

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